Running Deer Bullseye – 100 yard Running Deer Bullseye. Adapted from NRA 50 Yd. Small Bore Rifle Target. Postscript edition.

Elk Bullseye – Originally the Running Deer bullseye was used for the 200 yard (actually 176 yard) Elk, it proved too small an aiming point for the longer yardage. I increased the size of the 100 yard deer bullseye to fit on 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Adopted about 1992.

One inch squares – One inch squares, adapted from Postscript sample program.

Benchrest– One inch squares with Benchrest style rings.

Police L Repair Center  – for the Old Police “L” target used at Harrisburg Hunters and Anglers  Walt Wise Police Pistol Match. Largest ring is 7 ring (15 7/16″ dia.) 8 ring (11 15/16″ dia.) 9 ring (8 1/2″ dia.) and then the black 10 and X as shown. Target sheet is square 18 15/16″, the scoring rings are 1/8″ inch thick. A picture of this target can be seen on page 37 of The Pistol Shooter’s Treasury  edited by Gil Hebard, second edition. The 7-8-9 reference numerals appear 3 times on the face, forming an inverted “Y”. For use at 25 yards for slow, timed and rapid. A rather easy target for bullseye competition, high score at these matches is normally a perfect 1800 score, winner being determined by X count. Course of fire is .22 and Center Fire.

Sight-in – My favorite sight-in target. Originally developed for use with both low power deer hunting scopes and my Leupold M8-8x with the rather large 2/3 minute dot. Lack of any scoring rings makes locating bullet holes easier with spotting scope. Well tuned hunting rifles should group in the white at 100 yds.

Targets can be converted from Postscript to PDF with % ps2pdf -sDEVICE=pdfwrite  or with Adobe Distiller. When printing these targets with Acrobat Reader,
unselect the box Fit to page, otherwise the dimensions will be reduced.
On-line documentation for Postscript –  Postscript Language Reference Manual

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